Videos from July SF Webcasters Meetup at Ustream HQ

We had another successful meetup last night, hosted by our friends at Ustream, at their San Francisco headquarters. Embedded below are the archived videos of each presentation.

Alden Fertig, Ustream’s Product Marketing Manager, talks about some of Ustream’s new product integrations.

Video streaming by Ustream

Dan Sorensen, Marketing Communications Manager for TVU Networks, gives an overview of TVU’s remote broadcast backpack products.

Video streaming by Ustream

J’Tao aka @PunkboyinSF, shares stories of live streaming from the front lines of #OccupySF

Video streaming by Ustream

5 Minute Open Streams – Nathan Lively and Alina Dinoia

Video streaming by Ustream

2 responses to “Videos from July SF Webcasters Meetup at Ustream HQ

  1. I am impressed by the quality of the video.

  2. Wooo, I was nervous, but it was fun!
    Really enjoyed the other presentations. I went home and talked to my girlfriend about it for half an hour.

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